• August 5, 2014
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Analytics-based customer insights from FirstRain

Personal business analytics provider FirstRain has introduced the beta version of its mobile calendar integration, which was developed for sales professionals to increase customer engagement and reduce sales cycle risk. The company says before each meeting, the mobile calendar capability gives users prioritized and highly relevant developments related to the customer, their company and the market. This guided action provides sales professionals with an immediate deeper understanding of their customer. FirstRain is also introducing FirstRain Labs, a new program designed to accelerate innovation between FirstRain and its customers and users.

Based on how the user sells, FirstRain’s multi-factored algorithms prioritize the most important customer insights for each meeting, says the company. For example, if they are strategic account managers or, in contrast, if they are regional sales representatives with hundreds of accounts, the mobile calendar feature delivers a different personalized information experience tailored to each user and their role prior to the calendar event. The meeting brief uses dynamic analytics, drawn from the business-focused Web and social media, to recommend actions based on the customer’s business goals. It also guides actions based on the challenges the customer’s business is facing and the seller’s own competitive landscape.

FirstRain Labs was developed to support the company’s ongoing mission to improve the relevance and quality of its solutions through early and direct feedback and insights from users. FirstRain Labs will grant participants beta access to other capabilities that are currently being researched and developed, as well as to focus groups where they can share ideas with the FirstRain R&D team and the larger user community to accelerate innovation based on how they use information. FirstRain is actively recruiting lab participants.

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