• August 6, 2020
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Adobe announces new features in Adobe Experience Platform

Adobe has announced new capabilities within Adobe Experience Platform that enable organizations to lead with a data-driven operating model, and enable business and product teams to capitalize on data assets and drive insights faster than ever before.  

The new capabilities were announced in an Adobe blog post by Ronell Hugh.

New features include:

Adobe Experience Platform Edge Network and Web/Mobile SDK, which allows brands to gain real-time efficiency by consolidating strategy into a single implementation that works across products, streamlining and accelerating data transfers to and from edge servers with one edge network and one SDK for all Adobe Experience Cloud apps.

"With a solution-agnostic data gateway that gives brands the option to not only send multiple requests, but also receive requests from multiple servers in one response, brands will see decreases costs, easier integrations and real-time impact with customers. This is a critical step that gives brands who leverage other applications in conjunction with Adobe Experience Platform, to deploy one SDK on their website and greatly improve performance. By reducing the amount of code on each page by up to 80%, customers found that page load time was dramatically faster."

In addition, with Adobe Experience Platform Launch Server Side, brands can keep pace with the changing consumer and modernize their data collection and platform, which will help increased site performance. According to Hugh, "Through Adobe Experience Platform Launch Server Side, customers can leverage Adobe’s new Web and Mobile SDKs and world-wide data collection network to stream event-level data to first-or third-party destinations in seconds."

In addition, said Hugh, brands will see increased site performance with simplified data collection, faster sites and apps, by moving work previously done on the browser or mobile device to the server.

Adobe is also previewing Project Segment Scout, a natural language-based interface where brands can build powerful customer segments, and mine for data in the right way to take action. Project Segment Scout is part of Sneaks, Adobe’s once a year innovation engine.

Project Segment Scout, said Hugh, is part of Sneaks, Adobe’s once a year innovation engine. Once a year, any Adobe employee has a chance to put forth new and innovative projects that evolve the way brands engage consumers digitally.

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