• February 20, 2020
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Accusoft deepens growth of OnTask solution

Accusoft is launching a new SaaS business unit focused on the growth of its OnTask document automation tool.

"OnTask is different than the other 20+ products that Accusoft offers because it is targeted toward end-users rather than developers. For its continued growth and success,  we need to treat it as a separate business unit," says Steve Wilson, president of OnTask. "OnTask speaks to a different market, and needs a different strategy than we've used for other products in the past 28 years."

With the DNA of Accusoft revolving around the enterprise customer, the high-tech products require long sales cycles, multiple demos, and sometimes custom coding to close the deal.

A SaaS model, where self-service is the goal, requires a different approach.

"Breaking away from some of the processes that are required with Accusoft will allow OnTask to run as a proper SaaS platform, and allow people to have a great trial experience, and expand as they grow," said Wilson.

OnTask is changing to make the process simpler for end-users who want to get up and running faster. While still offering professional services for more complex needs and integrations, OnTask is taking a new approach to giving users what they need up front and moving away from processes required by Accusoft's other highly technical products.

For more information about this news, visit www.ontask.io.

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