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Enterprise information frameworks: Will Gangnam style work?

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Second, the fact that a revolution is coming is obvious. The important decisions are the ones that are tactical and permit management to achieve the organization's objectives without disrupting the business processes that work and generate revenue. Incremental approaches, not radical overhauls, are the opportunity producers.

Third, for many organizations, interrelating has a role to play. But many organizations already network. The data problems they face have less to do with big data and more to do with access to existing information. The problems of access are exacerbated by employees who may not work in a traditional office most of the time. Financial pressures, which made outsourcing attractive, remain. The challenge is that outsourcing no longer delivers the financial lift it did two or three years ago. Management has become wary of some "silver bullets."

For the enterprise wanting to make better use of its knowledge assets, technology delivers only part of the answer. For that reason, systems such as those available from Attivio, PolySpot and other companies make sense. Bold, revolutionary approaches may be more appropriate for startups or Fortune 100 companies with the luxury to experiment in controlled tests. For more organizations, a middle way is the path forward.

Data may be "the new oil," but today's organizations have to keep their existing frameworks in operation. The method may be a combination of a waterwheel and coal-fired boilers. But staying in business is more important than making potentially fatal decisions about information technology. Agile frameworks may be one key to cost control and improved usability.

What manager wants to preside over a cutting-edge system that does not deliver? PSY's Gangnam style may inspire teens. Information technology managers? Not so much. (See youtube.com/watch?v= 9bZkp7q19f0.)

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