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Bitext engages in the semantic arena

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The company's growth has been fueled by clients in North America, South  America and Europe. Bitext commercializes semantic solutions as a service (SaaS or cloud-based), which has helped significantly to increase the size and geography of its client base.

Globalization has made it easier to license software and tap technical expertise in another country. It also has boosted cloud computing to a degree. However, in the United States, the federal government often prefers U.S. vendors. Sometimes potential vendors must meet certain requirements before non-U.S. solutions can be licensed. Federal defense contracts can contain similar constraints.

In my opinion, the number of innovative search and content processing solutions originating outside the United States is increasing. The savvy organization looking for new ways to deliver knowledge management, search or content processing functions might want to consider all options. Meanwhile, Bitext continues to execute elegantly in the semantic arena.   

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