Wachovia's window to banking worldwide

Wachovia Bank is using enterprise content management software to provide its 4.3 million online customers with a more personalized, interactive Web site.

To improve the online experience, the bank enlisted the aid of Vignette's ECM solutions, which include Next Generation Web Presence, Imaging and Workflow, and Collaborative Document and Records Management.

Jason Ward, interactive design group director of the eCommerce division at Wachovia Bank, says, "Customers and prospects visit wachovia.com for many reasons. They access their accounts and initiate transactions, research Wachovia's wide range of product and service offerings, request customer support, locate our physical locations, apply for jobs and learn about Wachovia as an investment. Vignette provides the window through which our online customers view Wachovia. Its flexible, scalable content management software enables us to easily update our Web site's look and feel, and provides more targeted messaging to prospects and customers, all while maintaining consistency across our brands."

In a recent press release regarding the Wachovia deployment, Vignette cites a Forrester Research report. In the report entitled Trends 2006: Forrester Retail Financial Services (February 2006), Bruce Temkin, research director at Forrester, writes, "To accommodate their growing online constituencies, we expect financial services firms to increase their investments in online capabilities—as well as in cross-channel interactions that include the Web. Look for banks to beef up their online sales and marketing efforts, for insurance companies to improve the usability of their sites, and for full-service brokerages to try to catch up with the demands of affluent customers."

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