United Matbouli Group improves customer satisfaction and streamlines its supply chain with BPM

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United Matbouli Group (UMG), a distributor of Samsung appliances in Saudi Arabia, has deployed a business process management (BPM) system that has accelerated resolution of customer issues by 300 percent.

With unprecedented growth since 2010, United Matbouli Group wanted to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline its supply chain management. The combination of SharePoint and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems was not enough to support its processes and the increasing complexity of its business. The company turned to Appian to provide a unifying layer across those systems and a single point of access to make it easier for employees to do their jobs.

In addition to speeding customer resolution, the solution from Appian also has reduced average call times in the United Matbouli Group call center from five minutes to three minutes and halved the time needed to create a new customer service case. The system involves 600 daily users and more than 40 processes in 14 departments.

Fahad Al-Zomaia, CEO of United Matbouli Group, says, “Appian gives us the ability to see all of the data we need to make smarter decisions and execute the processes required for faster action, allowing us to stay ahead of the competition.”

According to Appian, its platform gives United Matbouli Group the agility to meet fluctuating market demands. Appian’s data management capabilities, process optimization features and write-once/run-everywhere architecture enabled UMG to meet its goals of mobilizing data and processes without building and maintaining a series of separate, siloed mobile apps, Appian reports. Sixty-three percent of UMG’s Appian users access the system on mobile devices.

In addition to improving customer service, United Matbouli Group has transformed its supply chain management practices. The Appian system is integrated with seven other systems to enhance procurement, product returns, rebates and more, according to Appian. Managers can see a full picture of the customer and its overall ratio of returned products to determine the profitability of each customer. 

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