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Unilever improves consumer interaction

With a contact center supporting more than 90 brands used by millions of consumers in the United States and Canada, Unilever sought a knowledge management solution that would enable rapid response to customer questions. That would mean finding the right answer quickly from Unilever’s immense repositories of information.

Unilever selected Astute Solutions' RealDialog knowledge management solution and the RealDialog Agent Assist tool to improve its consumer interactions. The solution was intended to provide not only quick access to information but also visibility into consumers’ wants and needs.

Linnea Johnson, director of consumer services at Unilever, says, "As one of the world’s largest consumer packaged good companies, our knowledge management needs are complex. This solution ensures that the right information is delivered to the right person—while minimizing the time and cost involved in doing so—regardless of complexity."

Astute Solutions touts RealDialog as a conversational knowledge management solution that comprehends user input and questions in their natural language, and engages users in human-like conversations when clarification is needed. Among the benefits Unilever will realize from RealDialog, Astute Solutions reports, is direct insight into consumers’ questions, needs and preferences.

Johnson says, "This implementation meets two critical needs. It enables us to understand our consumers’ immediate needs and enhance their experience at the time when it matters most. It also gives us powerful insights—through detailed, actionable consumer data—to further our business objective of delivering products that meet the changing tastes, lifestyles and expectations of our consumers."

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