Seamless collaboration across global network of training offices

To improve its document management and workflow, Sandler Training has deployed a cloud-enabled file sharing and collaboration platform. The sales and management training company will use a solution from SkyDox to develop and deliver content for its offsite training and consultancy services, and for collation and distribution of training materials to clients.

The platform will enable employees at more than 220 training offices worldwide to access, share and collaborate on an immense library of documents, according to SkyDox. With the new system, Sandler Training can improve client interaction by disseminating training material more efficiently while safeguarding the company’s intellectual property from unauthorized access, SkyDox adds.

Luke Davies, managing director of Sandler Training, says, “SkyDox is much more than your standard sharing and collaboration platform. For Sandler, it will become an integral part of our training tool set, helping our clients learn in a collaborative and dynamic environment. Much of our work force is mobile or distributed across client sites in the field. They use the platform to collate and distribute material at a rapid pace, so our clients can access and review learning resources on the go, at any stage of the training cycle, and still easily collaborate with their Sandler consultant simultaneously.”

SkyDox says its solution allows users to search, store, deliver, co-author and manage files, and it delivers a range of social business tools, such as activity feeds, presence indicators and alerts. Sandler Training and client team members are notified when training materials are uploaded or modified and when new comments and annotations are posted. In addition, live messaging, online meeting and tagged commenting features deliver a document-centric collaboration experience, according to SkyDox.

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