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The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) in Texas has deployed a new billing information system to better manage its assets, help meet permitting regulations and provide a streamlined billing experience for citizens. The organization has implemented Infor Public Sector Customer Billing Information System. Initially SAWS selected Infor because of its integrated suite of applications and specific public sector functionality. The new implementation represents an upgrade to that system.

Joe Samples, chief of information systems at the San Antonio Water System, says, “This project completes the integration across the portfolio needed to derive the value from our Infor investment. We now have that single view of information to facilitate our daily tasks and customer interactions, as well as unite the organization with the same advanced user interface."

Infor's Public Sector Customer Billing Information System is designed to help SAWS increase billing speed by managing the complete payment process and providing access to consolidated account information within personalized screens. Each month, the application generates more than 500,000 utility bills and creates over 24,000 service requests.

The Infor applications integrate with existing third-party systems such as workload automation, print/EDO software and the U.S. Postal Certification system, which allows the organization to receive discounts for all mailed bills and content.

SAWS has also deployed the Infor Spatial Geographic Information System (GIS) for employees in the field, including engineering and emergency operations staff. The technology will help reduce the number of duplicate work orders and facilitate faster response time, providing SAWS with the ability to fulfill work orders and service requests based on easy access to location-based information, according to Infor.

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