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Resort makes more knowledge-driven decisions

Foxwoods Resort Casino is using analytics technology to understand the purchasing patterns and preferences of its guests. Foxwoods chose SAS Analytics to capture and analyze both gaming and non-gaming information.

To deal with increasing competition, the resort generated a comprehensive view of each guest across multiple business channels—gaming, loyalty program, hotel, food and beverage, event ticketing, spa and salon, retail and the golf course.

Roger Allen, director of database marketing and analysis at Foxwoods, says, “With SAS, we align promotions with each guest’s value and preferences, and that improves his or her on-property experience. Our tailored packages showed an immediate lift, becoming even more profitable as those guests returned more frequently and stayed longer.”

According to SAS, the rollout is now about 90 percent complete, and analytics benefits are experienced already in customer relationship management, staffing, gaming, hotel occupancy, demand forecasting for rooms, and optimizations based on business leads and customer mix.

SAS Enterprise Miner predicts how likely a guest is to respond to offers. Targeted offers are matched to individual preferences, so there may be 400 variations of a mailer. Foxwoods uses SAS to identify and then address potential attrition. With the more personalized communications, Foxwoods has raised marketing campaign ROI, reducing mailing costs while improving guest loyalty.

Michael Kutia, director of hospitality systems at Foxwoods, says, “Using SAS Enterprise BI Server, Foxwoods no longer needs to purchase reports from source system vendors. We were struggling with a costly and time-consuming process of rekeying spreadsheets, PDF and Word reports each month. Our previous systems made it very difficult to answer questions about our business performance. SAS Enterprise BI Server shows us everything from operations to financial performance. Our executives--as well as marketing, gaming, hotel operations and retail managers--are making more knowledge-driven decisions without needing to call on IT.”

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