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Rentalcars.com has replaced its manual spreadsheet system with an automated solution to speed workforce scheduling. The large online rental car service is using Teleopti’s workforce management technology to create an efficient, flexible schedule for 800 sales and customer service advisers. The team handles an average of 12,000 calls per day, providing 24/7 multilingual service to customers in 169 countries.

Mark Simon, resource planning manager at Rentalcars.com, says, “Before introducing Teleopti’s workforce management software, it could take four days of intensive manpower to schedule work for just 130 people and making changes was a clumsy, cumbersome process. As our business grew, so did the number of advisers required to support our contact center. The situation was compounded by the complexity involved in managing multiple multilingual workgroups plus a mix of full-time and part-time employees who are tasked with handling the usual seasonal peaks and troughs associated with our industry.”

Simon continues, “The time had come to seek a more flexible, automated solution from a like-minded technology partner. After evaluating the marketplace, we found Teleopti offered the best package combining technical scalability with a dynamic attitude.”

The automation provided by the Teleopti system puts the resource planning team at Rentalcars.com in control of scheduling and gives the contact center managers complete visibility of their operations. At the same time, agents can access their shifts in advance using their mobile devices or computers wherever they might be.

Nick Smith, U.K. business manager at Teleopti says, “Automation and the process-driven nature of our system encourage consistent ways of working, essential when operating a complex contact center. As a result, Rentalcars.com has the confidence and ability to join together an impressive mix of operations, languages and cultures in a truly cohesive way to best manage the needs of its ever-changing international business.”

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