Key to consistency in commercial insurance

Wanting to provide more brand consistency and contract certainty to its correspondence, Chubb Insurance Company of Europe has chosen a customer communication management system from Docucorp. The solution handles renewals, cancellations and payments, as well as other correspondence, and it also enables better control in creating insurance policies.

"We are very positive about this new system," says Rick Gray, European zone IT director at Chubb. "While the need for the investment has been heightened by the U.K.'s regulatory framework, we believe it gives us further opportunity to strengthen our branding and improve efficiency in the way we communicate--and on a pan-European basis. In time, we plan to evaluate the success of the system in the U.K., with a view to creating more centralized control of the content and design of our correspondence Europewide."

One concern of regulators is the need for greater certainty regarding terms of coverage. Firms in the commercial insurance sector have until December 2006 to achieve "contract certainty" for 85 percent of their policies, with the aim of improving confidence in commercial insurance, and particularly the London market.

The new system allows Chubb to establish "rules" governing its policies and general correspondence. The rules relate to various reusable templates, which can prescribe anything from standardized content, to branding, logo positioning, font and color, thus ensuring consistency and more centralized control.

By minimizing manual intervention, the solution will improve the speed with which correspondence can be issued, thereby reducing the period of uncertainty during which coverage is in place, but policy terms have not been specified, a recent press release reports.

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