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Kenshoo manages marketing and sales assets more efficiently

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Kenshoo, a global software company that provides marketers with technology to build brands and generate demand, sought technology to help manage its numerous marketing and sales assets worldwide. The company chose Sales Content Pro from SAVO Group to ensure greater accessibility to those materials, as well as the ability to scale as needed.

With the solution, Kenshoo is aligning its marketing and sales teams with real-time access to relevant, brand-compliant company assets and customer information. Kenshoo is also leveraging Sales Content Pro’s functionality to customize key presentations using approved messaging, to save time otherwise spent struggling with content and replacing outdated information.

Aaron Goldman, chief marketing officer at Kenshoo, says, “We considered building a custom solution to store and manage our assets in-house, but quickly ruled that out due to scalability challenges and high project costs. SAVO presented us with a solution that offered the advanced search, tagging, filtering, rating and reporting capabilities we needed, and being able to customize our sales presentations and save them to individual libraries really made our decision easy.”

Kenshoo is currently using Sales Content Pro across its management, customer service, sales, marketing and product teams. Since its formal deployment in February 2014, Kenshoo has seen a marked improvement in time spent searching for the right materials and greater overall efficiency in the management of marketing and sales assets, according to SAVO Group.

Kurt Andersen, executive VP of sales enablement and marketing at SAVO, says, “When sales reps can’t find the marketing materials they need, it’s very easy for them to revert back to their hard drives or, worse yet, create their own content. In these situations, message accuracy suffers, best practices are lost and marketing investments are flushed away. Sales Content Pro bridges that gap by providing a single pane of glass where the most relevant and recent marketing content is always available.” (Image courtesy of ShutterStock.com)

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