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Hospital adopts mobile data capture

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San Joaquin General Hospital has chosen a mobile documentation solution to automatically collect discrete data associated with patient registration and admissions, including post-capture delivery of that data to the hospital’s disease registry.

The hospital is using Logical Ink from Bottomline Technologies to transform the formerly paper-based forms process into a digital, tablet-based environment. With the new solution, San Joaquin General Hospital has reduced the errors and inefficiencies of manual data entry and quickened the transfer of patient demographic and history information to others systems for consumption and analysis, according to Bottomline. The result is more timely and accurate data on patient population and more informed decision making regarding key community health initiatives.

Dr. Farhan Fadoo, CMIO at San Joaquin General Hospital, says, “We’ve worked with Bottomline for years now, but Logical Ink has become a significant contributor in our efforts to improve the quality of clinical data in our disease registry and the overall health of our patients.”

Bottomline says that with Logical Ink, capturing discrete patient data and the electronic signatures required for documentation can be mobile-enabled for patients, staff and caregivers. Windows-based tablets, digital ink and a pen-based interface deliver an intuitive user experience, with the benefits of mobility, including immediate data validation at the point of care, Bottomline adds.

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