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To help increase its productivity, Harris Government Communications Systems, a division of Harris Corporation, has turned to enterprise search technology from Coveo.

More than 5,000 Harris employees, including 3,500 R&D engineers, now can access consolidated, contextually relevant knowledge from a wide variety of systems, according to Coveo. The solution is said to have transformed knowledge management, enabling Harris engineers to understand who knows what, who’s working on what projects, how to leverage past innovation and avoid duplication, and how to increase new innovation and productivity.

Harris chose to implement Coveo Search and Revelance Technology—which presents relevant, collective knowledge within the context of each user—rather than to depend on commodity search engines, which can offer less sophisticated security and less findability. According to Coveo, its solution allows knowledge access without conflicting with Harris’ existing security architecture.

Harris has achieved significant return through increased innovation and more collaboration among employees, all supported by significant times savings, Coveo reports.

Colleen Yoh, group leader of the Engineering Information Technology Department at Harris Corporation, says, “We’ve found Coveo to be a valuable tool to harness our collective knowledge and generate a high return on our investment.”

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