EDRM serves Scotland's natural heritage

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) has embarked on a project to make its records management system more efficient and robust. The implementation enables SNH--a government body that helps oversee Scotland's wildlife, habitats and landscapes--to store, manage and deliver information electronically.

Like all public bodies, SNH is subject to periodic reviews, and during a strategic review in 2005, SNH's need for more effective records management was emphasized. Its paper-based system was prone to misfilings, lost documents and inconsistencies. Consequently, officials decided that a new electronic database should be deployed to provide more robust management of data and information held in SNH.

SNH chose Objective to provide a single electronic document and records management (EDRM) solution to be used enterprisewide, across a range of technological environments and geographic locations. Objective implemented a central EDRM server, three remote servers and three multiserver replication servers.

Moira Munro, project manager, Scottish Natural Heritage, says, "We now have in place a solution that has enabled SNH to revolutionize the way in which we manage, store and deliver data and information both internally and to our customers."

The Objective team integrated the system with SNH's e-mail before migrating data about existing paper files from spreadsheets into the new system. The team also laid the groundwork for future integration of EDRM with Web content management.

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