Dana-Farber selects new data integration platform

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston has implemented a new data integration solution to enhance financial decision-making and strengthen its research capabilities. The hospital has deployed the Informatica platform enterprisewide to reduce healthcare costs while optimizing the use of resources and improving patient outcomes. By standardizing on the software, the Institute gains a single, scalable platform capable of addressing its present and future business and clinical intelligence needs, according to Informatica.

In a recent news release, the company says that its solution will help Dana-Farber administrators with daily, detailed operating expense information by integrating large volumes of data across multiple departmental systems. It also will accelerate the preparation of funding reports for Dana-Farber’s $250 million annual research grants, reducing the time required to prepare the reports from six days to 1.5 days.

Rob Sutfin, data warehouse program manager at the Institute, says, “Informatica provides Dana-Farber with a powerful data integration platform that can be expanded to address our future integration challenges. The graphical development toolset helps to streamline the development process.”

Informatica reports its solution will help Dana-Farber quickly:

  • integrate large volumes of patient data from inside and outside the Institute, identifying trends in patient care across inpatient and outpatient services;
  • predict staffing and supply requirements;
  • apply treatment resources where they are most needed;
  • provide researchers with a more timely and accurate view of balances remaining on specific grants, when to apply for new grants or when to renew existing ones; and
  • handle multiple types of data, from virtually any type of business and clinical data source.

Future plans include a new business intelligence project in which the Informatica platform will incorporate patient data from multiple sources to enable the analysis of patient care.

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