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Collaborative problem solving at KUKA

A supplier in the field of robot technology is using an enterprise social software and wiki solution to streamline, record and share information. KUKA Systems, with more than 6,000 employees worldwide, has deployed Traction’s TeamPage technology to collaboratively track, manage and report on issues across various project groups. The ultimate goal is to make smarter decisions faster, according to Traction.

Tom Woodman, enterprise applications manager at KUKA Systems, says, “Prior to using TeamPage, status quo at KUKA was to assemble all stakeholders in time-consuming meetings where we would work through an Excel worksheet listing open issues. I needed a transparent way to raise and discuss the issues affecting enterprise systems, and to enable as many interested parties to follow along in the discussion as possible. I also needed a place to capture the results of these discussions.

“TeamPage helped us document what wasn’t working, collaborate around potential solutions and turn on a dime to fix them. Then, it helped us spread the word about those improvements to the rest of the company very quickly. As a byproduct, we are also able to meet compliance requirements, because auditors can easily review the issues and determine if there are any that would need further scrutiny from a financial reporting point of view.”

According to Traction, the solution at KUKA Systems helps pull people together to better understand the issues they face--both within and across departments--and get them involved in solving problems.

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