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Better understanding car rental trends

To better manage its fleet of vehicles, Hertz Spain has implemented a new business intelligence solution. The company is using the QlikView Business Discovery Platform to analyze trends and forecast seasonal and geographic market demands. The solution will also allow the company to identify new offers and services to improve customer care and responsiveness.

Hertz has deployed the solution in operations and finance, creating several dashboards that allow business users to deliver high value-added support to management control, according to QlikTech. The company further reports that QlikView has minimized the time it takes to gain important business information.

Francisco Arroyo, IT manager of Hertz Spain, says, "The simple fact is we needed a very visual solution that facilitates querying data from other periods, which enables us to react, think ahead to the campaign season, organize the entire business and supply the domestic market as efficiently as possible."

Arroyo adds, "QlikView has streamlined the entire structure of decision making and planning at Hertz Spain. The ability to react to situations due to market seasonal

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