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Badia Spices adds efficiency to documentation

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Specialty food provider Badia Spices has implemented a new document management and workflow solution that is saving hundreds of staff hours that previously were spent looking for legacy documents.

Badia Spices turned to Tech Group, its IT service provider, to choose a system that would:

  • automate critical accounts payable and accounts receivable tasks,
  • vastly reduce the amount of paper used on a daily basis,
  • enable easy sharing of information between multiple locations,
  • allow for custom food safety documentation workflows, and
  • integrate with a pre-existing enterprise resource planning solution.

Tech Group President Robert Podgorowiez found Cabinet SAFE from Cabinet Document Management Solutions. “SAFE offered everything Badia Spices needed, in addition to a friendly, responsive team,” Podgorowiez says.

With SAFE in place, Badia Spices uses a barcode system to automatically sort and archive both accounts payable and accounts receivable documentation. The AP and AR improvements have eliminated many bottlenecks, paving the way for continued growth. Since installing SAFE, Badia Spices’ revenue has nearly tripled, but its processes are so efficient that it has had to add almost no new administrative staff, Cabinet reports.

Badia Spices has also turned to SAFE to ensure that its food safety documentation is organized and up to date, using the solution’s workflow features and document repositories.

“Auditors have told Badia Spices that it has the most organized documentation they’ve ever seen,” Podgorowiez says.

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