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Analytics and reporting help drive decision to adopt KM system

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ExpenseWatch has deployed a cloud-based knowledge management solution to power its Customer Satisfaction Help and Support Portal. The company provides a Web-based spend management subscription service with modules for expense reports, purchasing and payable invoices.

ExpenseWatch anticipates that the new cloud-based KM system from RightAnswers will present information in a way that enables customers to find answers easily to common questions, allowing the customer satisfaction team to support its growing client base without adding staff. The solution should also enhance customer retention rates because information is accessible inside the ExpenseWatch application.

Bill Vergantino, president and CEO of ExpenseWatch, says, “The RightAnswers platform offered us the most flexibility to design a system that would best meet our customers’ needs, while their implementation team remained dedicated to getting us up and running as quickly as possible.”

A key benefit of RightAnswers knowledge management is the reporting and analytics. Vergantino explains, “Our customer satisfaction team can now see how customers interact with the new Help and Support Portal prior to submitting a support request, as well as what information customers are searching for and how easy it is to find answers. If content is under-tagged or missing, the team can quickly and easily modify and publish new content.

According to RightAnswers, other factors driving the decision to select its solution include:

  • seamless integration with Salesforce CRM, which allows ExpenseWatch customer satisfaction engineers to search for knowledge while remaining in the Salesforce interface, and to track and manage support requests;
  • support for video solutions and the ability to search videos;
  • tools that help the team find answers to support questions more quickly and to drive customers to the system to find answers; and
  • a customizable home page that enables ExpenseWatch to easily add and change content as needed, and the ability to serve content to customers, based on whether they are an administrator of the service or a user. (Image courtesy of ShutterStock.com)

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