OpenText Tempo for content on the go

OpenText is calling its new product OpenText Tempo, the company says, because it fundamentally changes the speed and simplicity of how information is used, shared and stored by organizations.

The document sharing solution is said to enable enterprise users to manage content in secure folders on smart phones, tablets and PCs or laptops. It lets users access, share and modify content while it is instantly synchronized across all their computers and mobile devices.

OpenText says that Tempo's hybrid-cloud capabilities allow an organization to keep data safe in existing systems, while providing the cloud-based app experience that users want. The solution's scalable, app-centered platform provides:

  • easy access to any content needed from any mobile or other device,
  • fast and secure sharing of information and collaboration with colleagues,
  • confidence that information won't be lost, and
  • no training requirements.

Enterprises can implement OpenText Tempo on premise or, drawing from the company's patent-pending technology, deploy the hybrid model, in which organizations keep control of their information assets but offload maintenance of the service to OpenText. Tempo will be available to customers in January.

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