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Northern Light offers free search

Northern Light has developed a free search engine of business news and industry authority blogs. Northern Light Search also offers automated meaning extraction capabilities and collaborative social computing features.

The company reports Northern Light Search instantly connects business researchers with relevant business and industry news from thousands of business news sources, leading business publications and hand-selected industry authority blogs. Users can automatically analyze their results to extract meaning from the articles discovered in the search.

The company explains that in this business context, meaning extraction determines what information is contained in the documents on a search results list, such as companies, markets and technologies; suggests what business issues the documents address; assesses the tone of the documents; and directs the researcher to the documents that are most interesting based on their meaning rather than on their statistically-derived search relevance.

The social computing capabilities included in Northern Light's new offering include a Market Intelligence Wiki and a series of widgets designed to leverage the search activity of the Northern Light Search community of business researchers. These search widgets include tag clouds of most popular search terms and lists of the most popular articles accessed by other business users. The Market Intelligence Wiki provides an overview of selected industries and business trends, with a detailed picture of market segments, issues, breaking news, companies and government regulatory actions.

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