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Jive introduces SBS 3.0

Jive has brought powerful social software to global enterprises with Jive SBS 3.0, its suite of robust social business solutions. Specifically designed for Global 2000 companies, Jive SBS 3.0 allows teams of people from inside and outside of the enterprise to connect, communicate and collaborate. Jive believes SBS 3.0 addresses the most strategic areas in the enterprise with the introduction of four application centers: employee engagement, sales and marketing, customer support and innovation.

The company says Jive SBS 3.0 is also the first to bridge internal employee collaboration with external partner and customer communities into a single application suite. SBS 3.0 includes four new application centers that automate the strategic work done in the critical areas of business:

  • Employee Engagement Center—brings employees together to break down silos, resolve conflict, speed productivity, make decisions and capture institutional knowledge.
  • Marketing & Sales Center—engages companies with their customers to build brand awareness, create leads and convert sales, and allows sales and marketing teams to share ideas, content and connections more easily.
  • Innovation Center—drives the creative collaboration with customers and partners to bring new products to market in record time and increase competitive advantage.
  • Jive SBS Support Center—Builds a thriving system of knowledge capture and peer support in order to quickly solve problems, lower costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Jive CEO Dave Hersh emphasizes SBS 3.0's ability for companies to bridge together departments, partners and customers in a single community. This "bridge" is unique to Jive SBS, says Hersh, and presents the first opportunity for companies to create a singular conversation among its key constituents.Other new capabilities include:

  • Bridging--centralized view across employee, customer and partner marketplaces;
  • Analytics--robust data warehouse and activity tracking;
  • Insight--detailed reporting on engagement and sentiment;
  • Video--rich, secure video functionality for engagement and training;
  • Social bookmarking--track what's important and expose content and external Web sites to members; and
  • User experience--improvements to the core experience to drive adoption.

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