Illuminating the enterprise

Tacit has released Illumio 2.1, what the company describes as an attention management productivity tool that enables employees to leverage the collective knowledge of their organization and stay up to date on the information they need to work effectively.

The new version of Illumio includes a revamped user interface, enhanced administrative functions and improved search and navigation features that make it easier for employees to quickly discover and share the information and knowledge that's critical to their jobs.

Tacit says that unique to Illumio is its ability, as a tool that sits on the user's desktop, to automatically figure out each user's interests and expertise by privately indexing a user's personal files, e-mails, contacts, Web favorites and Web history. It then uses this evolving profile to filter the incoming RSS feeds and questions, and only shows the user the content that matches his or her interests.

New features in Illumio 2.1 include:

Streamlined Q&A exchange for knowledge sharing. The latest version includes a streamlined user interface so employees can quickly ask a question and get valuable answers from others in their organization. With new cross-group functionality, questions get answered faster and more accurately while the Illumio architecture prevents anyone's personal information from ever leaving his or her computer.

Find important news and blog feeds. The software now has a built-in RSS feed search for users to easily find news and blog feeds without needing to know anything about RSS feeds or OPML. Users can get the industry, competitor and customer news that's relevant to them by subscribing to feeds based on URL or keyword.

Knowledgebase integration. The new version includes more robust reporting and administrative functionality, including the ability to export the Illumio knowledgebase to other applications. Administrators can securely import Illumio Q&A and discussions into any application that supports XML, allowing companies the ability to easily collect, organize and search on the knowledgebase created by Illumio user activity.

Share relevant content across the organization. Illumio 2.1 makes it easy to share important news, blog and wiki content with colleagues. By automatically integrating with Microsoft Outlook, Illumio recommends people to share an article with based on past e-mail interactions with them. In addition, users can quickly forward an article to anyone within the organization using Illumio's new e-mail address lookup feature.

User-created feed bundles on different topics. Using its knowledge of user's interests and expertise, Illumio 2.1 recommends additional RSS feeds to subscribe to via Illumio public groups (communities that have been created around a similar topic or affinity). By joining public Illumio groups, users can quickly subscribe to dozens of feeds on a specific topic and then participate in discussions and Q&A with other group members.

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