HiSoftware new compliance and security solutions help ensure safety of SharePoint content

HiSoftware is launching a new version of HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff for SharePoint (SP), and debuting HiSoftware Security Sheriff SP, which the company describes as the first content-aware compliance and security solutions optimized specifically for Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Its offerings make SharePoint safe for the most sensitive enterprise data, according to HiSoftware.

The company says the new solutions complement the SharePoint platform's publishing and collaboration features by continuously auditing data and documents for compliance requirements. They continuously scan all SharePoint content, using hundreds of checkpoints built in to the company's proprietary rules engine, to identify specific policy violations and classify items via the addition of SharePoint metadata values.

Once classified by the rules engine, those values can be used by Security Sheriff SP to encrypt and/or apply permissions that restrict access to an item, regardless of the permissions applied to the larger SharePoint site, library or list in which the item physically resides. Security Sheriff also tracks a document's full chain of custody and, when deployed with the HiSoftware Connector for Microsoft Outlook, can prevent it from leaving SharePoint via e-mail to an unauthorized user.

HiSoftware Compliance Sheriff SP and HiSoftware Security Sheriff SP are expected to be available in mid-December.

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