Fine-tuning the enterprise

HandySoft has released OfficeEngine, an application designed to enable knowledge workers to create, assign, sub-delegate, track and execute mission-critical work in real time.

HandySoft explains that OfficeEngine models and displays work as it happens, turning what was once a series of disjointed peer-to-peer e-mails into a single, centralized dashboard, illustrating the journey of all work items from creation, to assignment, to sub-delegation, to completion--including all individuals involved, all collaboration, all attachments and all related status information.

The company adds that OfficeEngine captures and interprets the business context of each task assigned. It then searches internal and external information sources--desktop files, content management systems, knowledge management systems, learning management systems, resource scheduling systems, employee performance management systems and the Web--and proactively displays documents, presentations and content that is most likely to assist the knowledge worker in completing his or her task. HandySoft adds that Watson search technology from Intellext is a key component of what it describes as OfficeEngine's business context capability.

The application can be deployed very quickly, HandySoft claims, with minimal IT investment and user training. The solution operates as a standalone application from within a variety of standard portals or embedded directly in Microsoft Outlook, allowing it to be fully operational in the time it takes to roll out a commercial e-mail application.

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