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Emantix brings value to enterprise content

Emantix has announced a new software platform that automatically determines meaning, context and relevance in content and digital media. The platform uses semantic and statistical methods to analyze millions of words to find the precise definition of each word in any given content. The Emantix platform also assembles a "concept set" of words that may not occur in the content but are highly relevant to the content's context.

The enterprise benefits of the Emantix platform include an enhanced user experience and better interaction with enterprise content. Connections to related information carry rich additional data so that only highly relevant linkages and associations are made. Content can be effectively navigated for knowledge discovery, facilitating learning and expertise sharing. Enterprise search is enhanced by empowering users to refine search queries from a highly relevant set of predetermined concepts.

The Emantix platform can also benefit content external to the enterprise by providing precise associations for advertisers, ensuring that the only advertising displayed is meaningful and relevant to the content. This not only increases effectiveness, click-through and conversion rates, but builds brand loyalty as well.

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