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A matter of semantics

Nstein has announced Semantic Site Search (3S), which employs the company’s text-mining technology to power a faceted site search that returns highly accurate results that are organized categorically.

3S can ingest content from many different indexes from a variety of Web publishing platforms, meaning it indexes material across multiple properties. It then applies Nstein's semantic enrichment process to it. 3S' embedded Text Mining Engine (TME) identifies concepts, categories, proper names, places, organizations, sentiment and topics in particular content pieces and then annotates those documents, creating a semantic fingerprint that exposes underlying nuances and meaning in content.

Nstein reports that 3S is highly configurable and customizable, boasting a visual interface that allows administrators to tweak search sensitivity algorithms without having to modify hard code. 3S comes bundled with front-end widgets designed to improve the search experience. Widgets can be used to point users to "similar content," "most recent content" or virtually any other identifying characteristic of content that one wants to promote. Widgets and the templating engine enable the creation of complex, search-based mashups, across indexes.

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