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Celebrate the Success Stories of Knowledge Management - 2022 KMWorld Awards

$12M Series A funding for Explo accelerates product roadmap for modern enterprise data sharing

After extreme customer user growth in 2021, Explo is announcing its $12 million Series A funding led by Craft Venture and joined by Felicis Ventures and Amplo VC. Acting as a customer-facing analytics solution for expansive data sharing on any platform, Explo's funding has accumulated to $15 million raised, with the money put toward expedited product roadmaps for developer teams to more efficiently access, visualize, and share data with their customers in a scalable fashion, according to the vendor.

Bundledocs makes its North American debut with Bundledocs Editor

Document production specialist to kick-off North American market entry with ILTACON22

Eureka Explorer Lineage by data.world yields increased visibility within the modern data stack

Powered by data.world's knowledge graph, Explorer Lineage will leverage context from the knowledge graph to deliver a unified, consolidated view of data to the entire organization

$15M in Series A funding fuels product development for marketing measurement platform Northbeam

Northbeam is a ML-powered marketing measurement platform for DTC and ecommerce brands whose recent funding will fuel product development for the enterprise, such as expanding its ML capabilities

CaptivateIQ’s latest update solves end-of-quarter payroll questions for commissionable teams

New features give reps the visibility and motivation to exceed their targets

Affinity Meetings launch by Affinity minimizes meeting preparation and maximizes deal closures

Affinity, the relationship intelligence platform for dealmakers, has launched Affinity Meetings, a program built for relationship intelligence data delivery from Affinity CRM within Zoom. This allows for dealmakers to accumulate intelligence regarding their clients for meetings, improving sales odds. Among the features of the program are live access to interaction history with clients, relationship intelligence data, as well as note capture within their CRM.

Flywheel 2.0 launch by Teikametrics automates keyword harvest for efficient online ad management

The only enhanced AI-targeting algorithm to automatically cross-pollinate keyword targets between marketplaces

AppOmni receives strategic investment from Cisco

AppOmni focuses on expanding security operationalization capabilities of the AppOmni Developer Platform while continuing to broaden critical SaaS app coverage

Synatic partners with Relativity6 to help insurance companies do their due diligence with unmatched speed

Partnership services to reduce implementation costs by 50% and deployment timelines by 70%

FileTrail to debut cloud-based solution at upcoming conference

New cloud solution is available for demonstration at ILTACON 2022, where FileTrail is a conference sponsor, exhibitor and hosting a series of peer-led learning sessions

Launch of Whiteboards.io by Appfire marks first standalone collaborative development tool

New version of Whiteboards provides collaborative space for remote software and product teams to work together in real time

Vendr 2.0 launch brings visibility to the forefront of SaaS purchasing and management

New solution arms customers with visibility and control to optimize the entire supplier lifecycle

Spitch.ai update includes seamless virtual assistant integration

Enhancements include seamless integration with company's virtual assistant technology and speech analytics with advanced reporting and business intelligence tools

Contentgine’s CIP updates with AI and machine learning features for more precise marketing intel

New platform experiences make content consumption analysis smarter and simpler for better sales results

Acquisition of Re:infer by UiPath facilitates an increase in usable consumer data for businesses

New Communications Mining capability enables UiPath software robots to understand email context and semantics, online chats, and voice sessions, delivering superior customer service interactions

Paystand looks to acquire Yaydoo to form B2B Receivables, Payables, and Payments Network on a commercial blockchain

AP, AR, and Payments Synergy unleashes unprecedented working capital efficiency for U.S. and LATAM businesses in an inflationary environment

Relogix integrates Butlr’s IoT sensors to provide effective hybrid work conditions

Butlr Technologies' sensors add people counting and space utilization data to Relogix's analytics platform for greater insight into employee behaviors

UserWay partnership with Carahsoft Technology Corp ushers in AI-powered solutions to meet accessibility standards

UserWay's accessibility technologies and AI-powered solution now available to federal, state and local government agencies

Thoughtful Automation rebrands as Thoughtful, emphasizes automation is just part of its value

Company enables radical time savings, productivity gains and the ability for people to have more opportunity to be more creative to solve today's biggest challenges

monday.com debuts monday sales CRM as accessible and personalized customer relations platform

A fully customizable, flexible no-code CRM for teams of any size