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Fountain AI offers customers an efficient and robust hourly hiring process

Introducing Fountain AI, a new way to optimize efficiency for recruiters and enhance the applicant experience

Osa Commerce eases supply chain management issues with streamlined, end-to-end visibility

Designed for enterprise retailers, brands and logistics partners, the new SaaS platform manages the supply chain from procurement to the last mile

Salsify enables generative AI content creation for businesses

New AI accelerator helps brands quickly generate high-quality product content

ChangeEngine launches platform for custom branding and designing employee communications

The company offers public-facing employee communication templates to help lean teams run best-in-class internal campaigns

Adeptia receives $65M in strategic investment to continue growing its automated B2B integration processes

Investment aims to accelerate transformational growth in innovation and customer success

CARET adds document automation capabilities to streamline law firm operations

Award-winning practice management platform includes embedded document automation powered by HotDocs

How to Drive a Learning and Collaboration Culture in Your Organization

TechnipFMC's Kim Glover and Tamara Viles discuss the benefits of combining knowledge and learning at the enterprise level in this clip from their presentation at KMWorld 2022

Iterate.ai enables integration of generative AI across its Interplay platform

Harness the potent combination of the Interplay low-code platform and generative AI

Lusha achieves full GDPR privacy compliance

The certification is the latest in a succession of privacy and security achievements that set Lusha apart as a leader in compliance and industry security standards

ProSearch provides DSAR Response Services for CPRA compliance

Targeted workflow, analytics, and assessment protect PII while enabling timely response to data subject requests

VMware drives unified endpoint management and app delivery for the hybrid workforce

VMware is announcing enhancements to the VMware Anywhere Workspace platform, as well as the introduction of the unified orchestration framework, the Workspace ONE Marketplace, and the Apps on Demand for published apps. These releases work to close the gap between hybrid workforces, disparate and legacy tooling, and mitigating overall operational complexities.

Common Records Management Roadblocks

Enterprise Knowledge Consultant Angela Pitts discusses access, technological, and other barriers to effective records management in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2022

Research management tool from Stravito streamlines project workflows

Stravito is unveiling Research Management, a solution designed to optimize project workflows armed with instantaneous research publication, project brief templates, and enhanced project commissioning

Vendr debuts Workflows to ease the procurement process

Procurement engine enables teams to set up automated processes; provide visibility across the entire organization; frees up time for strategic work

Intercom unveils AI customer service bot built with GPT-4 technology

It features built-in safeguards to increase accuracy, reduce misinformation, and avoid misleading answers or off-brand topics

Google Cloud and Workspace introduce new generative AI capabilities

Additionally, bringing the power of generative AI to developers and businesses through Google Cloud and MakerSuite

Orion to acquire Banktech to meet the demand for technology-driven banking platforms

Acquisition expands Orion's digital solutions and core banking integration capabilities for banks and financial services clients

Driving personalization and efficiency in the employee experience with LumApps

Mary Kaplan, product marketing manager at LumApps, joined KMWorld's webinar, "Improving Workplace Productivity: Automation with a Human Touch," to reveal the methods and technologies that can cultivate a positive, customized employee experience (EX) to ultimately improve time allocation and productivity for critical and non-critical tasks.

How KM Is Redefining Federal Records Management

GSA KM Specialist and Senior Records Officer Dave Simmons discusses the role of KM in the future of federal records management in this clip from his presentation at KMWorld 2022

BrainChip’s second generation Akida platform cultivates high-performance, intelligent edge devices

BrainChip Holdings Ltd is launching the second iteration of the Akida platform, the event-based digital neuromorphic processor IP that imitates the human brain for efficient data processing.