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Natural Language Processing is the branch of artificial intelligence (AI) concerned with giving computers the ability to understand text and spoken words in much the same way human beings can.

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TELUS International and eGain collaborate to offer elevated CCaaS with KM and AI

Key benefits include up to 50% reduction in agent training time; up to 35% enhancement in first-contact resolution; and up to 70% deflection of agent-assisted service requests

Ada improves its AI Agent for customer service

New capabilities make Ada's AI Agent smarter, more trustworthy, and capable of reasoning like a top performing human agent

Navigating the modern world of content management

Content experts joined KMWorld's webinar, Intelligent Content Management: Game-Changing Technologies and Strategies, to examine new solutions and strategies—often revolving around automation, integration, and AI—that catapult content management into the digital age.

Yext adds AI-led recommendation capabilities to revolutionize search strategies

Yext announces Listings Recommendations, delivering AI-led insights to help customers accelerate discoverability and customer engagement

PolyAI secures $50M in recent funding round to transform outcomes in high-call-volume organizations

The company provides AI-powered, voice-based customer support

Messagepoint introduces AI-powered translation capabilities

Messagepoint's latest version includes key capabilities that ensure accuracy while accelerating translation processes for customer communications

Recall.ai eases proprietary AI integration with meeting platforms

Following the company's 10x growth in the past year, the funding will propel Recall.ai's ambition to provide engineers with the means to integrate with any popular meeting platform

QorusDocs injects AI intelligence into proposal processes with QPilot

QPilot is a specialized tool that utilizes an enterprise's CRM records and private data to drive decisions and team productivity with security at the forefront, according to the company

Dataiku Answers empowers teams to develop custom AI chatbots

Dataiku Answers brings secure, tailored, and scalable conversational AI to the enterprise 

Exploring the top trends in KM for 2024

Experts joined KMWorld's webinar, The Top Trends in KM for 2024, to discuss the ongoing trends, success enablers, and challenges—from knowledge graphs to LLMs, security, compliance, and more—that should be top of mind for knowledge workers in every corner of industry.

Leveraging knowledge graphs to drive GenAI success

Sean Martin joined KMWorld's webinar, How Knowledge Graphs Make Generative AI Consumable in Enterprise Environments, to discuss how knowledge graph environments are the key toward driving GenAI success

Hexaware unveils tensai GPT to advance employee industry expertise

This marks the next generation of collaboration tools coming together with Microsoft's OpenAI capabilities

Managing the intersection of KM and exceptional customer experiences

Experts in CX joined KMWorld's webinar, Top KM Practices for Optimizing Customer Experience, to discuss the top KM strategies for inviting top-notch CX

Boosting end user, analyst, and executive workflows with SymphonyAI’s latest copilot

SymphonyAI, a leader in predictive and generative enterprise AI SaaS, is debuting the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot, a generative AI (GenAI) copilot designed to supercharge employee productivity and customer satisfaction via rapid issue resolution and dynamic, on-demand information and support. By addressing the needs of three categories of users—end users, analysts, and leadership—the Apex Enterprise IT Copilot optimizes each workflow with context, speed, and high-quality experiences in mind.

Franz adds ChatStream to AllegroGraph to power natural language queries

ChatStream transforms data analysis by empowering users to access complex enterprise knowledge through simple questions

ControlUp advances EX functionality for IT support solution

ControlUp Edge DX solution reduces IT support expenditure for physical desktops that improve operational excellence and employee engagement

Moveworks releases its next-generation copilot, taking action across all business systems using natural language

The company previewed its web search UI and a first-of-its-kind Plugin Template Library for the Moveworks Copilot

KLoBot launches a virtual legal assistant powered by GenAI

DIY no-code virtual assistants trained with knowledge from NetDocuments, time and billing, iManage, SharePoint, Experience Management, SQL Databases, and more

Quark adds semantic AI into structured content in latest release of Quark Publishing Platform NextGen

New Semantic AI capabilities supercharge self-service content creation and publishing processes to support faster time to value 

CAST Highlight now features AI chat integration for understanding custom app complexities

AI Advisor (currently in beta), puts IT executives closer to insights regarding their complex custom application portfolios, surfacing key strategic data relating to cloud, technical debt, compliance, costs, and sustainability