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Document management systems (DMS) are used to track, manage and store documents and reduce paper. Most are capable of keeping a record of the various versions created and modified by different users to provide history tracking.

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CallSine introduces personalized AI-powered outbound email outreach—at scale

Total company and prospect content synthesis gives users  a competitive advantage

Pega GenAI Blueprint accelerates transformational app design

New capabilities signal a revolution in how enterprises think about their workflows

Anomalo now delivers AI-powered monitoring of unstructured text

nstructured text documents can be curated and evaluated for data quality around various document and document collection characteristics

The past, present, and future of search with Ontotext, Northern Light, and Workgrid

To help shed some necessary light on advances in search, experts joined KMWorld's webinar to explore what the near future may hold for these prevailing trends—both challenges and benefits alike

Pipeliner CRM provides Salesforce Connector

New connector drives CRM adoption and productivity without need to switch platforms

Arrive Technology rebrands as Arrive AI, further enhances automated delivery

The Fishers "smart mailbox" company plans to lead the Autonomous Last Mile industry and, at scale, to be a leader in AI

CAST Imaging expands use of generative AI to speed up application modernization

The enhanced GenAI capabilities and new features make it easier than ever for users to gain deep insights into their applications

Hyperscience unlocks GenAI for mission critical applications with Hypercell

Hypercell for GenAI transforms complex documents into LLM and RAG-ready data, accurately, automatically, and continuously

Boosting LLM reliability with RAG

AI and search experts joined KMWorld's webinar, Optimizing LLMs with RAG: Key Technologies and Best Practices, to discuss how search reliability can be maximized through retrieval augmented generation (RAG)

Built on Workday to help partners build, manage, and extend the power of the Workday platform

New program empowers Workday partners to scale innovation and help customers realize greater value from the Workday platform

NICE introduces new back-office capabilities to effectively manage entire CX workforce

Latest NICE WFM release advances True-To-Interval (TTI) capabilities, enabling organizations to fuse front and back office CX operations

Sinequa debuts new line of GenAI assistants, renews company focus on advancing AI in the enterprise

Combining Sinequa's Search with GenAI provides the ultimate AI Assistant and virtual coworker

Skan and iGrafx collaborate to provide a digital twin solution that optimizes business operations

By leveraging iGrafx's process modeling and simulation capabilities, the DTO allows businesses to mirror every aspect of their operations in a virtual space

iManage and vLex announce partnership to offer powerful solutions for the legal sector

Mutual customers can leverage the power of Vincent AI to add powerful generative AI workflows, research, and analysis

Strike Graph boosts security compliance with VerifyAI

New security compliance software gives businesses flexibility and control for audits

TELUS International and eGain collaborate to offer elevated CCaaS with KM and AI

Key benefits include up to 50% reduction in agent training time; up to 35% enhancement in first-contact resolution; and up to 70% deflection of agent-assisted service requests

Ada improves its AI Agent for customer service

New capabilities make Ada's AI Agent smarter, more trustworthy, and capable of reasoning like a top performing human agent

Navigating the modern world of content management

Content experts joined KMWorld's webinar, Intelligent Content Management: Game-Changing Technologies and Strategies, to examine new solutions and strategies—often revolving around automation, integration, and AI—that catapult content management into the digital age.

dtSearch 2024.01 centers accessibility and expansion for terabyte search

dtSearch, the smart choice for text retrieval since 1991, is announcing the release of the latest version of its enterprise and developer product line, designed to search terabytes of online and offline data. Driven by the ambition to keep dtSearch's main "off the shelf" enterprise products up to the latest standards of accessibility, version 2024.01 offers a plethora of new features that increase search democratization while extending its platform support.

Alation Workflow Automation closes data governance gaps

Automation Bots boost data steward productivity