Enterprise social network archiving and good information governance

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As organizations' enterprise communications systems become increasingly complex, proper archiving and supervision of electronic communications is necessary to mitigate risk and build context around potential HR violations (e.g. inappropriate remarks or conversations initiated by employees) and any employee rights violations.

Cost and performance efficiencies

Knowledge requirements increase with every channel an organization uses, and it's impracticable for any single person to develop expertise in all them.  Training workers on a single third-party archiving solution to oversee ESN content along with email, social media, instant messaging and other digital communications tools—saves time, standardizes practices, reduces redundancy and confusion, and allows most supervisory efforts to occur within a single platform.


When an ESN is folded into an information governance strategy that relies on robust, third-party archiving software, most, if not all, of the challenges posed by an ESN can be overcome. Not only can a third-party archive cover areas left exposed by an ESN, it can create useful links among all communication channels, create a stable, standardized context for knowledge management, and provide an adaptable cornerstone for a future-ready information governance strategy.

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