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INTERNEER, INC., Romeo Elias, President and CEO: View From the Top

The mobile revolution is now, and enterprise mobility is the wave of the future.

In 2013, more people accessed the internet using a mobile device than a PC, and the number of mobile devices exceeded the world’s population—more than 7 billion and counting.

Industry leaders are empowering employees with enterprise mobile apps that automate business processes in the field, improve productivity with access to enterprise data from anywhere on any device, and benefit from greater efficiencies with mobile devices that can capture data in the field when connected or offline. In many cases, organizations want to share access to enterprise data with customers, partners, suppliers and others.

A new generation of mobile Business Process Management (BPM) solutions enable organizations to easily build web and mobile apps using a drag-and-drop interface that requires no programming. These Smart Mobile Apps are agile, deployed rapidly and integrate with back end legacy data.

With the right BPM platform, organizations can quickly build a library of Smart Mobile Apps, with each app configured to the exact needs of employees and departments across the enterprise.

Interneer is a new generation mobile Business Process Management (BPM) software provider that empowers business professionals and IT departments to easily create, deploy, and manage Smart Mobile Apps for business. Today’s business professionals need apps that are mobile, agile, easy to use, and offer enterprise-level security and integration to back-end systems and enterprise applications for optimal efficiency and productivity.

Interneer enables the mobile enterprise revolution with Smart Mobile Apps.

5901 Green Valley Circle, Suite 170
Culver City, CA 90230

Direct: 310.526.8890

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