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Expert System, Daniel Mayer, CEO: View From the Top

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Did you know that when processing data—whether identifying unusual patterns or making predictions—our information systems are usually confined to a small comfort zone: Structured data?

This is data that is either numerical or pre-ordered by the human hand, representing only 20% of what is available. The “other” 80 percent of our data comes in unstructured form: it is only available in the textual parts of our emails, customer visit reports, health records, scientific literature and patents, financial publications, news, blogs, social media posts etc. Unstructured data is actually the most important, and until recently largely untapped, source of insights for our organizations.

Expert System is dedicated to helping you extract these insights. Our patented semantic platform, Cogito, allows your information systems to “make sense” of your data and unstructured information by understanding the meaning of words in context. Regardless of industry, this means faster and smarter decisions in the critical parts of your business.

  • Retail Banking: Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by understanding expectations expressed in customer correspondence
  • Pharmaceuticals: Optimize R&D by identifying promising directions mentioned in scientific literature
  • Energy: Keep tabs on competitors and the supply chain based on open-source intelligence
  • Financial Institutions: Ensure regulatory compliance by tracking business practices at the core of the organization’s operations
  • Improve the productivity of knowledge analysts across the organization by ensuring they systematically and efficiently find the information that is relevant to their task

Cogito’s point of difference is its knowledge graph: 400 man years of linguistic engineering that mimic the way humans  interpret context. This enables Cogito to recognize not only words, but also their specific meaning. This means you get  precisely what you ask for, and your applications can more reliably deliver predictive insights such as which side effects are caused by a particular drug or which key features customers  particularly like in a product.

Cogito applies across sectors thanks to its high degree of customizability. It can embed your thesaurus, taxonomy or ontology, so you can easily govern the way it relates insights to your specific worldview.

Semantic technology is being adopted in a growing number of applications across sectors. If you want to stay ahead of the game, now might be a good time to discover its capabilities  first-hand. I’d like to invite you to contact me or my team so we can give you a taste for the possibilities and discuss your goals.

Expert System
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Suite 690
Rockville, MD 20852

PH: (240) 477.1800
Contact: marketing@expertsystem.com|

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