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Elan Moriah, President
Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions and Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions:
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 Contextual Knowledge Management for Enhanced Customer Engagement

One of the biggest challenges facing today’s organizations is taking the information they collect from a variety of sources and channels, and transforming it into actionable intelligence that can drive better performance and optimize customer engagement.

Knowledge management solutions can play a critical role in achieving this goal. Think of it this way: Every interaction between a customer and an employee is an opportunity. Positive interactions foster customer satisfaction, loyalty and future purchases, while negative ones can result in unfavorable reviews and even customer churn. With so much at stake, it’s critical to arm your employees with as much intelligence as possible. But with vast amounts of information available about products, services, customer histories and more, it can be hard to imagine how to deliver this intelligence to employees and customers in a consumable way.

That’s where Verint® Knowledge Management™, part of a broader customer engagement optimization portfolio, can help. Knowledge management applies context to deliver the right knowledge to employees in the contact center and to customers through self-service channels—providing relative, in-the-moment information and supporting effective service delivery. FAQs, policies, procedures and customer data are presented just as they are needed, based on the customer, the employee and the issue at hand. By presenting information that is accurate, consistent, contextual and actionable, knowledge management can help drive interactions that lead to better outcomes with less effort.


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