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Access Innovations, Inc., Marjorie Hlava, Jay Ven Eman: View From the Top

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Winning In Knowledge Management Today

Knowledge Management (KM) first gained traction in the mid-eighties when hordes of employees were being laid off due to the leverage buyout craze. Hundreds of thousands of cumulative years of experience were forced out the door. Those suddenly overleveraged companies discovered to their horror that knowledge of fundamental processes was no longer around. Expertise from all aspects of their operations—marketing to legal to production to just about every corner of the business—evaporated. Outside experts called in to save the day were a mixed bag, often causing more harm than good. Capturing that knowledge became imperative. It still is. Today, Baby Boomers are reaching age 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day! While a significant percentage of Boomers are not retiring at 65, many are and with each of them goes a career’s worth of knowledge. Winning in Knowledge Management today requires addressing this knowledge leakage. KM has had its ups and downs since the eighties and only the most adaptable providers have survived. Access Innovations and our patented, award-winning Data Harmony software have survived and thrived by adapting to our customers’ most pressing needs. From database design and construction to semantic-based services and software, we lead the field. Semantics is a keystone of KM and, to adapt a phrase, at Access Innovations, “Semantics R Us”.

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