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View From The Top: Siderean Software, Inc.

Siderean's patented relational navigation solution allows end-users to gain greater access to and control over search results from enterprise and Web-based information resources, enabling a breakthrough user experience in information access driving insight, productivity and profitability. Siderean intelligently organizes information and presents it in a unified navigation view that encourages discovery and illuminates previously unrecognized relationships. More powerful than search, Siderean solutions help you know what you don't know.

Unify discovery, access and participation: As the supply and demand for information continues to explode you will discover that your content alone is no longer enough to satisfy your user's thirst for knowledge. Siderean allows people to make sense of an exploding pool of information …no matter how large it gets.

Specifically Siderean allows you to:

  • Disassemble information into interesting pieces (i.e. People, organizations, events, places, etc.)
  • Identify relationships between pieces
  • Annotate/tag/navigate the pieces
  • Reassemble/remix pieces into playlists
  • Syndicate/distribute playlists
  • Track user usage/attention.

Siderean Software, Inc. helps people quickly view and explore the full scope of enterprise and Web-based information available for better-informed decision making. Going beyond search, Siderean illuminates previously unseen relationships that help users discover new avenues of exploration and "lets you know what you don't know" while navigating from a "bird's-eye" to a "bug's-eye" view. Founded in 2001, Siderean is backed by leading investment firms Clearstone Venture Partners, InnoCal Venture Capital and Red Rock Ventures.

Siderean Software, Inc.
390 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 2070
El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: 310.647.4266
Fax: 310.647.3470
E-mail: info@siderean.com
Web: www.siderean.com

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