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Looking to the future: 2022 KM outlook

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Capitalize on the trends

Throughout APQC’s years researching KM, professionals have always wished they could do the following:

Serve a more strategic role

Have employees use and get value from KM tools and resources

♦ Secure the IT capabilities they need

It appears that these wishes are becoming a reality, not just for a handful of KM teams, but a growing cohort. KM programs that have experienced greater interest and investment should work hard to maintain momentum in 2022. It is important to continually recalibrate KM priorities to ensure they stay aligned with business and user needs, which can change on a dime. It is also essential to seek out advocates, standardize and scale efforts, and incorporate new technology capabilities that further the strategy. KM is on the precipice of greatness, but only if it homes in on its key audiences: the senior leaders who sponsor KM tools and approaches and the employees who participate in and use them. KM should clearly support business goals while enabling a more efficient, seamless, and satisfying digital workplace.

Theme Most Important for KM User

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