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2019 Readers Choice Award - Best Compliance and Information Security Solution: NetDocuments

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As security threats continue to increase, organizations are dealing with heightening levels of compliance, security and data privacy requirements. Entrusting outside vendors with confidential data therefore requires a thorough evaluation of the vendors’ entire security infrastructure and how it is validated. NetDocuments, with its cloud-only security pedigree, offers a proven and independently validated security and privacy-as-a-service model that organizations of all sizes and governance complexities can rely on.

NetDocuments leverages a multi-tenant software delivery model to level the playing field for smaller organizations which don’t have the resources to invest in a heavy IT infrastructure and accompanying security and compliance framework. NetDocuments “single global instance” of cloud platform software has been a great equalizer for companies competing from a technology and security/compliance standpoint.

Taking a leading role as its customers’ security and compliance partner is a privilege and a priority for NetDocuments. NetDocuments’ Security Compliance department maintains annual ISO 27001 certifications and Type 2 SOC 2 audits, regularly updates its security policies, and continuously improves its own operational and security compliance. A big part of these compliance obligations also involves understanding and implementing appropriate controls to meet expanding data privacy regulations, including HIPAA, DFS, GDPR and FedRAMP.

NetDocuments sees itself, not as a document management company, but as a security company that provides security through document management. NetDocuments is a best of breed security-as-a-service provider for businesses and entities across many industries seeking world-class security for their knowledge management needs.

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2500 Executive Parkway
Suite 350
Lehi, Utah 84043
PH: (866) 638-3627
Contact: info@netdocuments.com
Web: www.netdocuments.com

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