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2014 KMWorld Promise and Reality award winners:
KM Promise Award winner KMS lighthouse

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KM Promise Award winner:

KMS lighthouse

KMS lighthouse is a privately held global software provider with offices in Israel, Russia and Singapore, and soon-to-be in the United States. The company develops customer experience solutions that provide precise answers to customer questions within seconds. Traditionally focused on helping tier-one contact centers, as of 2013 the company’s mission is to transform customer experience by means of knowledge, leading a knowledge-driven experience (KDE) worldwide.

The company’s Lighthouse family of products harness big data and transform it into actionable knowledge that can be consumed in five seconds. It demonstrates innovation in three areas:

  • proven recipes and technology for automatic knowledge structuring;
  • GetAnswer—an “ask, don’t search” natural language search experience; and
  • clear, robust knowledge visualization.

Lighthouse users are provided with a unique natural language search experience, powered by Solr search engine and by GetAnswer, a natural language time-saving search feature allowing agents and customers to receive instant and visualized answers to questions in seconds. GetAnswer saves time by presenting precise answers, thus eliminating the need to scan long and detailed knowledge items, shortening time to knowledge. In addition to it being a semi-automatic question generator based on algorithms, the feature allows content managers to create and adapt questions. Search is also adaptive, making relevant adjustments according to past viewed items. All Lighthouse results are presented in a visualized manner, including graphs, comparisons and picture scenarios. Lighthouse also encourages social collaboration through internal company groups such as forums.

Lighthouse products allow the inexpert user (agent/customer/employee) to serve faster as an experienced (knowledgeable) user. Lighthouse has been successfully implemented in companies across the world. In addition to its technology, KMS lighthouse offers best-practices KM methodology, which is provided as part of the product, ensuring an effective and sustainable implementation for all users of the system.

The ROI of Lighthouse will be achieved within a year, as a result of improvements in the two major key performance indicators (KPIs) measured: average handling time (AHT) and first call resolution (FCR). Together with a reduction in training time, implementing Lighthouse is said to lead to a significant reduction in operational expenses (OPEX). Lighthouse is implemented within four months from project kickoff to full production. That includes installation, analysis and customization, content feeding, training and testing. Lighthouse seamlessly integrates with existing core systems, such as CRM and billing.

Globe Telecom, the leading telecommunications company in the Philippines, implemented Lighthouse in 2013. The company came to KMS lighthouse with an urgent need to solve its knowledge problems, which were reflected in poor KPIs and the awareness of providing inadequate customer service. Today, Globe is benefiting from using Lighthouse because customer satisfaction levels are far higher. At the same time, average handling time and first call resolution have improved, meaning Globe has benefited from an improvement both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Agents have remarked on the ease of using the system, and managers have found the creation and management of content simple and intuitive and have praised the benefits of creating structured content through the templates. Both agents and managers agreed the adoption and effects of Lighthouse were immediate without the need for excessive training.

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