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AI technologies upending traditional KM

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Organizations are more than a collection of IT applications and a mountain of data; they are organic human ecosystems of engagement. KM, as a practice, has long understood this. In fact, much of the work involved in KM consists of creating and fostering an environment where people want to share what they know. This human element is at the heart of KM, but it is increasingly overlooked in favor of new technologies that claim they are the foundation for the future of work.

For KM as a sector and practice, we are set for the most significant transformation in our history. We must not lead that transformation with shiny and superficially impressive technological advances. Instead, we must revive and evangelize knowledge as a concept and KM as a practice. My hope is not that we reject the power and ability of technology as it advances, but instead, that we play an active role in leveraging it only where it is appropriate and turning away from it when it is not. If we all want more efficient information management systems, jump all in. But if we’re going to save KM as a concept and practice, then we need to act quickly and be sure we don’t get too caught up in the hype of tech and lose out in the process.

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