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KMWorld NewsLinks - March 30, 2021


AWS partners with Hugging Face to democratize access to NLP models

Developers can quickly get started building applications with state-of-the-art language models available through Hugging Face on Amazon SageMaker

ABBYY launches no-code platform Vantage 2 and AI Marketplace  

Vantage 2 delivers ready-to-use AI skills for intelligent automation to citizen developers

Crownpeak snaps up digital experience platform provider e-Spirit

Extends Crownpeak's global reach

KM In Practice

Domino’s dishes up AI/ML solutions at scale

Pizza giant is using Datatron's centralized AI ModelOps and model governance platform

The Future of the Future

Beyond sustainability

We need to look at the major challenges we're facing as we enter the millennium's third decade from the perspective of the global economy as a wholly integrated system.