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KMWorld NewsLinks - March 23, 2021


Cognitive computing: Building blocks

Machine learning is a part of many AI applications. The learning process is iterative; first, part of a dataset is input and analyzed, and a model is developed based on patterns and correlations among the factors in the analyses.


Dropbox snaps up DocSend for $165 million

DocSend provides secure document sharing and analytics used by more than 17,000 organizations

Automation Anywhere creates new brand, Automation 360

New brand, innovations create secure, scalable, modern cloud platform to automate end-to-end business processes for greater productivity

O’Neil Digital Solutions provides AI platform that gives comprehensive snapshot of customers

Platform improves customer experiences, retention, and industry ratings


Four best practices for eliminating data chaos and information silos in 2021

It's imperative that organizations establish rules of engagement and best practices for the use of content and collaboration platforms in 2021