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KMWorld NewsLinks - September 15, 2020


Text analytics reaches new territory

If you only want to sort through documents and classify them, text analytics may not be necessary, but if you are interested in understanding the meaning of the text for purposes such as concept extraction, then text analytics provides the best approach.


Arria for Excel adds NLG to Microsoft Excel

Integration turns Excel data into instant contextual narratives reducing the time it takes to identify and communicate key insights for speed to decision making

Crawford Technologies and Nuxeo partner to provide document management solution

Enables organizations to store all document-based information, regardless of format, in one easy-to-access repository for a complete view of the customer

Hyland to acquire Alfresco

Alfresco brings significant geographic and industry experience to Hyland


Best practices for becoming a self-service business 

Businesses that resist a self-service workflow are limiting their growth and closing themselves off to new markets and customers