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KMWorld NewsLinks - May 12, 2020


Brokering Knowledge Isn’t Enough (Video)

Deloitte chief knowledge officer explains why and how the role of knowledge managers has expanded beyond the traditional function of knowledge brokerage in this clip from his presentation at KMWorld 2019.


Sinequa enhances NLP and data connectors

Heightens performance of information workers in the digital workplace 

Adobe and ServiceNow release platform to improve customer experiences

Connecting marketing and customer service through data and digital workflows

Qlik releases platform that enables users to act quickly on data-driven insights

Increases analytics ROI by closing the gap between insights and action

KM In Practice

GoodData assists TownNews with data analytics for media data

Tools help extract data insights to grow revenue, audience, engagement


Preserving your information from digital disasters

Digital disasters create incredible data loss and, sadly, they're on the rise