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KMWorld NewsLinks - March 17, 2020


BI and ANALYTICS sustain smart city initiatives

Despite the challenges, cities of all sizes have succeeded in setting up smart city programs, although most consist of one or more point solutions rather than a full ecosystem.

Will AI Surpass Past Technologies in Displacing Human Work? (Video)

Microsoft Modern Workplace Supportability Engineer Ross Smith compares the potential impact of AI to replace human work to earlier landmark technologies in this clip from the opening keynote at KMWorld 2019.


Sinequa Intelligent Search platform now available on AWS

AWS Marketplace will enable clients to purchase software directly from AWS and have charges be seamlessly integrated into their AWS bill

Siren 10.4 enables improved search across records

In 10.4 the key new feature is the ability to find the "shortest" paths across connected records

Cardknox revamps Merchant Portal

Cardknox's new Merchant Portal enables its clientele to manage their payment activity and access robust reporting with ease

KM In Practice

Centra Health improves patient care with Oracle Cloud apps

Hospital network moves finance, procurement, human resources, and supply chain applications to the cloud to increase efficiency and improve business insights


David Weinberger's new book, Everyday Chaos, is honored with Axiom Award

When you try to develop a machine learning application that affects people, you quickly learn that fairness is far more complex than we usually think, and also that fairness almost always requires us to make difficult trade-offs