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KMWorld NewsLinks - February 11, 2020


How to Take Communities of Practice to the Next Level (Video)

Collins Aerospace director, knowledge & change strategies Lynda Braksiek explains how to model better communities of practice in this clip from her presentation at KMWorld 2019.


Hyland acquires blockchain solution provider Learning Machine

Improves the way organizations electronically exchange trusted records

SyncFab joins MOBI to create standard for blockchain

The company is helping to solve the external supply chain problem for industrial manufacturing

Knowledge graph technology-based data governance delivers enhanced user experience

TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance 6.3 supports integrated data governance across diverse sources and requirements

KM In Practice

Olive oil producer deploys IBM Blockchain for full traceability

IBM helps CHO create provenance record for olive oil from grower to consumer


Showing your customers you care: 5 steps for success

Here are five ways support teams and business leaders can implement modern support techniques in order to show their customers they care and keep them coming back